Staying Chic While Traveling Light

When it comes to personal passions, traveling is near the very top of my list. It’s absolutely eye-opening, mind-expanding, and life-changing. And there is so much to learn – including the difference between well-traveled and traveling well. 

 Fortunately, my past travels have taught me the value of packing light and getting by with just a carry-on. When absolutely everything around us is unfamiliar, simplicity can be a savior. Of course, that certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort.

So when I had the chance to visit Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, I realized it would be the perfect opportunity to put my perfect travel accessory to the test. Since I designed the Lelu Crossbody Bag to be both beautiful and functional, I decided to make it my go-to accessory for my Asian adventure.

I chose to take the cognac color as it paired beautifully with my travel wardrobe. (I’ve learned to coordinate my outfits and accessories in advance to maximize versatility.) Of course, I made sure to pack the removable straps so that I had the ability to mix things up a bit more throughout my trip.

The clean and classic look is only bolstered by the lovely details, from the cotton canvas lining to the modern magnetic closure. And the details really do make all the difference. 

It turned out that the Lelu Crossbody Bag was exactly what I needed!

Just The Right Size

My Lelu Crossbody Bag proved to be an ideal companion on my journey. There was ample space for two passports, leather wallet, lip gloss, sanitizer, iPhone, my Apple AirPod case, and even a flat power bank and cord to charge my phone. Knowing that I had all my necessary personal belongings well-organized and easily accessible allowed me to enjoy being out and about completely stress-free.

Onna Ehrlich Lelu crossbody bag in Bali

Supremely Versatile Style

The bag's luxurious pebbled leather and whipped stitch strap detail conveyed a quiet luxury that complemented every outfit I wore. And the ability to carry it as a clutch or wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag ensured it was flexible enough for daytime sightseeing and sophisticated enough for evening events. Not having to switch bags saved me time during my trip and space when packing. It was so nice!

Comfortable and Convenient

Despite designing the Lelu Crossbody Bag myself, I was still delighted at how superbly it rested on my body without weighing me down, even on days when I embarked on longer excursions. I always had easy access to my essentials while the magnetic clasp kept everything secure. And best of all, it kept my hands free to sample the local cuisine and photograph the unparalleled beauty of everything… everywhere.

Highly Recommended for Your Next Adventure

Wherever you venture on your next trip, the Lelu Crossbody Bag is definitely a must-have accessory. Not only does it make it possible to travel light and chic, but it also ensures that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the security and organization of your personal belongings.

Three Travel Tips Worth Sharing

Planning is everything when traveling and these are some of the most beneficial adjustments I’ve made over time to ensure my getaways are always easy going.

  • Build in plenty of breathing room at every step in your trip from airport arrival and flight connections to accommodation check-in and check-out. If all goes as planned, you’ll have time for a gourmet coffee or a little shopping. And if any unexpected issues arise, you will have saved yourself a great deal of stress.

  • Pack articles of clothing that can not only be mixed and matched for variety but can also be layered for changing temperatures. Putting on or removing a light sweater is a lot more convenient than a trip back to the hotel. 

  • Remember to include some entertainment for your downtime. A great book, download a few audio books, crossword or Sudoku puzzle, deck of cards, or even a fun game app on your phone will come in handy if you encounter a delay, experience jet lag, or just need a distraction. It’s easy to pack a lot of fun in a minimal amount of space. 

Always travel in style!

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